How to convert your video to iPhone?

  • This guide will show you how to convert your video to iphone format with Alive iPhone Video Converter. The output video files can be played on your iPhone, and fit the iphone's widescreen. You can follow the guide to finish a convesion now and enjoy your favorite video on your iPhone.

Tools Required:

Step 1 - Select and add your video file(s)

Just click "Add" button on left top of Alive iPhone Video Converter's main interface, then a "Open File" dialog will be displayed for selecting video file(s) you would to convert. You choose most popular video files here, you can also click "Files of Type" combox to filter the different type of video files.

Tips: You can add one video file or multiple files in one folder, just hold down the "Ctrl" or "Shift" keys to select one or more files. You can repeat the above operation, and each time select files from different folder

Step 2 - Start converting

Click "Convert" button on the window of this utility to start converting.

After you click "Convert" button, you would be prompted by a window that allows you to select the output format, change the video size, video quality, audio quality, or output folder for the output video file(s).

Just select the output format you want, then click "OK" button to start your converting.

Step 3 - Get the converted video files, and transfer them to iPhone Player

After the conversion finished, you will get the converted .mp4 files on the original folder of your source files (if you didn't change the output folder in the previous step). Now you can open iTunes, and drag the video file(s) your just converted to the iTunes library. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer. If your iPhone is set to update automatically, the download begins. If you set iTunes to let you update videos on iPhone manually, just click Library and drag the video(s) to the iPhone icon in the Source list.




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