Convert your video to PSP or MPEG-4 with 2 only clicks?

  • This guide will describe the basic steps how to convert a video to PSP or MPEG-4 format for using on Sony PSP within 2 clicks, and without launching Alive PSP Video Converter in advance.

Tools Required:

Click 1 - Right click the video files you want to convert in Windows Explorer, a popup menu will be appeared, please see below.


Click 2 - Click "Convert to" -> "PSP MPEG-4 Video (368x208)", or "PSP MPEG-4 Video (368x192)", or "PSP H264 AVC Video (368x208)", or "PSP H264 AVC Video (368x192)" item, Alive PSP Video Converter will be started, and the conversion will be completed automatically. So easy! So simple!



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