How to convert DVD to AVI?

  • This guide will describe the basic steps how to convert DVD to AVI using Alive DVD Ripper.

Tools Required:

Step 1 - Insert the DVD disk into your DVD-ROM drive.

Step 2 - Click "Open" button to open the DVD you want to rip.

Note: please make sure to select the right dvd driver.


Step 3 - Select the video clip you want to rip.

Note: you can use "Select All Items" checkbox in the right-top of main window to check all videos, or uncheck all videos.


Step 4 - Select output format.

  • Clikc on the drop-down lists, and select your output format as "AVI (DivX, Xvid, MS-MPEG4...)" item.
  • You can also change language and subtitle, if your DVD provides.


Step 5 - Start ripping, just click on "start ripping" button to start converting.

Start ripping DVD to AVI

Your AVI file would be found in the output folder, C:\VideoFiles\



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