How to download youtube video into your PC and save as verious format?

  • This guide will show the basic steps how to download Youtube video into your PC and save as verious format using Alive YouTube Video Converter.

Tools Required:

Step 1 - Create a new download task

Click "New" button on top of main window to create a new task for downloading youtube video.



Step 2 - Specify youtube URL.

Input the URL of youtube into "URL" field. We recommend using Copy and Paste to input the URL.

Note: You can also specify output format, output folder and rename the video on this interface.


Step 3 - Start downloading.

Please click "OK" button after you input the URL, Output Format and Output Folder, the new task will be added into the task list and the download and conversion will be started automatically.

Note: You can manage the task from the task list after you create the task, such as "Stop", "Start" or "Delete" a task.


Step 4 - Get the downloaded video file.

Select a task from the task list and right clikc on the task item and selet "Open target folder", Windows Explorer will be opened and point to the target folder. You will find the downloaded video file in this interface.




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