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Create a Flipbook

Create a flipbook directly from your existing PDF and image files.

Create a flipbook with interactive features link clickable links and buttons.

Create multiple formats for different devices and reading formats.

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FlipCreator is a software that allows you to create a flipbook using your PDF files. A flipping effect is added to the flipbooks that you create with FlipCreator. FlipCreator supports multimedia which means you embed audio and video clips on pages within the flipbook so when the reader gets to that page it will start to play.

FlipCreator publishes the flipbooks in Flash for PC and MAC and HTML5 for mobile devices. FlipCreator can also create .epub and .mobi for e-readers like Kindle, and Kobo.

FlipCreator is super easy to use. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to use. It is a point and click software. You select the feature that you want to add and fill in prompt and then you can move it into place.

FlipCreator has tutorials for all the different features that are available for you to use. So if you are ever stuck on how a feature works then you can just head over to our tutorial page to find out more. There are text and video versions of the tutorials so you can choose the one you prefer.

Publishing formats

FlipCreator outputs in several formats:

  • Flash
    FlipCreator is a flash based software and the default output is adobe flash. Readers will need to have flash installed to view the flipbooks.
  • HTML5
    Since mobile devices so not support flash HTML5 is used to display the same flipbook in the mobile browsers.
  • Executables
    You can generate standalone executable files for Windows(.EXE) and Mac (.APP)
  • eBooks
    Make ePub and Mobi files for eReaders like Kobo and Kindles



You can choose from 4 different license for FlipCreator

  • Annual
    Is a 1 year license. After 1 year the license will expire and you cannot make anymore flipbooks but any flipbooks that you create before it expires will still function on its own.
  • Professional
    Has the same features as the Annual in terms of number of install but this one is a lifetime license so you do not need to renew the license.
  • Enterprise
    The Enterprise comes with 5 install so you can install it on 5 different computers at the same time. So you can have up to 5 people working on making flipbooks.
  • Global
    Like the Enteprise license this is a multi install license. You can have up to 10 users working on flipbooks at the same time.


Click to see Sample


We have plenty of sample flipbooks that other people created, they are posted on our website's sample page. You can see them here.

Software Requirement:

For Windows:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000 Pentium 4 or higher 200 MB Hard Drive 512 MB RAM Adobe Flash Player 10 or later

For Mac:
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher Pentium 4 or higher 200 MB Hard Drive 512 MB RAM Adobe Flash Player 10 or later

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