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Make a Flipbook Professional Flipbook Software

Make a flipbook using your PDF and image files.

Add in the flipping effect with ePageCreator to make your flipbook more like a actual book.

Embed your finished flipbook on your own website or blog.

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ePageCreator is a software that allows you to make a flipbook using PDFs and image files. The flipbooks that are produced are viewable on PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android device and Windows tablet/smartphone. ePageCreator also has offline options that allows you to view the created flipbooks without a internet connection my giving you the option to make executable files for PC and Mac or you can just use FlipExplorer App that you can load the flipbook into it and have the flipbook for offline reading.

Making a fllpbook is super simple and quick, you do not need to have any technical knowledge and a flipbook can be created in a few mins.



We viewed many top leading software programs and chose ePage Creator for our newly launched animated magazine for eTechbeat (justnet.org) We have been extremely pleased with the final product and the service we have received with the many questions we had when we were publishing our first issue. ePage has always responded quickly to our questions and has even provided direction and updates to design elements we wanted to implement within the magazine. So far, 4 issues after our initial launch, we are very pleased with the product and the manner in which the company handles its customer service. We highly recommend ePage Creator to anyone seeking to produce an e-magazine for self or product information.

- Tina Kramer, Amy Ahrens and Bruce Ahrens (Azure Design, Inc.)


Features in ePageCreator
  • Links and Buttons
    You can put in links and buttons that have different action attached to them from opening web links, playing a video, displaying a message or jumping within the flipbook.
  • Embeding Video
    ePageCreator has the option to embed Local or YouTube videos in your publication.
  • Themes
    You can customize the background image, toolbar buttons to make it match the overall theme of the flipbook you are trying to create.
  • Custom Toolbars
    You have the option to toggle certain button on the toolbars on or off so you can disable buttons that you do not want readers to click on.

FIne more features here


How to Start:

You can click on Free Trial below to go directly to the download page. Then you can enter in your information and you can download either the Window or Mac versions.

Once you have it installed you can use it for 30 days with all the features unlocked so you can test the whole software out .

If you already have a license then you can start up the trial and click on Register to enter in your Username and Registration Code to unlock the full version of ePageCreator.

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