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Create a Magazine

Create a flipbook directly from your existing PDF and image files.

Add in rich media into your magazine to make it more interactive.

Output in different formats for reading on different devices.

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FlipCreator is a magazine software that takes in your PDF file and creates a digital magazine with flipping effect for you. It is a very simple way for you to create a magazine in a few minutes.

No technical knowledge is required to use FlipCreator. It is super friendly and all the features can be added to the flipbook by just inserting and moving it into place.

Create a magazine by importing your PDF or image files into FlipCreator. Then customize it by adding in interactive features and different rich medias to make the whole magazine more lively and interesting to read.

Keep your magazine organized by utilizing features like bookmarks, table of content and the archive library. Bookmarks helps you add in visual tabs that readers can choose to click on and it will bring them to different sections within your magazine. Table of content will give the readers a breakdown of all the different chapters and subsections within the magazine. Archive library will allow you to put in related or pass issues that readers might have missed.

How to Start

  • Download and Install
    Download and install FlipCreator from here
  • Choose Source
    Start a new project and select the PDF you want to use for your magazine
  • Customize
    Customize the magazine with all the different feature available for you
  • Publish and Share
    Publish your finished flipbook and upload it onto your own website so you can share it with whoever you want.



Here are some features of FlipCreator and what each of them mean

  • License Duration - How long you can use FlipCreator.
  • Installs/Computers - How many computers can you install FlipCreator on
  • Runs on PC - It will work on Windows
  • Runs on Mac - It will work on Mac
  • Unlimited Publishing - You can Create as many flipbooks as you want
  • Online/Offline Distribution - You can publish your flipbook on your local machine and upload it online.
  • Publish on iPad/iPhone - You can view it on iPad/iPhone


Click to see Sample


We have plenty of sample flipbooks like this one on the left that other people created, they are posted on our website's sample page. You can see them here.
Contact us:

If you have any questions about FlipCreator you can check our our FAQ page here

Cannot find what you are looking for in the FAQ then send a email to support@flipcreator.net and we will be happy to address any questions that you may have about the software.

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