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Flipbook CreatorProfessional Flipbook Software

A flipbook creator that creates beautiful flipbooks using your own PDF and Image files that you design.

Create Flash and HTML5, for PC and Mobile device reading with page flipping effects.

Create .epub and .mobi for eReader including Kindle,and other eReaders.

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ePageCreator is a flipbook creator software that converts your PDFs or image files to flipbook that can be viewed on PC, Mac, and mobile device like iPads/iPhones/iPods, Android devices and Windows tablets.

ePageCreator can publish flipbook in Flash and HTML5 format. If you are viewing the flip on PCs and Mac it will use Flash, on mobile devices it will use HTML5. ePageCreator also has the option to make ePub and mobi files for eReader.


Everywhere you look someone is on their smartphone or tablet. It is pretty much a standard not to have either a smartphone or a tablet, most have both. Physical books and magazines are slowly getting phased out. Many have already digital version on their computers in PDF formats. One of the main problems with PDF is that a lot of people find reading a PDF file boring. ePageCreator can help solve that by turning the PDF into a flipbook. With this flipbook creator you can customize your PDF to make it more interactive by incorporating in links, buttons audio, and other rich media so it is not just images and text on the page,

You can apply one of the built in themes to your flipbook to make it match the topic your publication is about. If you cannot find the theme that fits your needs then you can create one manually. You can change up the background by applying either a solid color or put in a image. You can edit each button on the toolbar and replace it with your own icon.

Sample flipbook:

We have plenty of sample flipbooks created by us and other customers avaiable on our site for you to go through and check out.

Key Features:

  • Download Exe or Zip Version - You can enable it so users can download you flipbook in either a exe or zip format
  • Publisher-defined Bookmarks - The publisher can create bookmarks that everyone can see that divides the flipbook into sections
  • Embed Video to Page - You can add video to any page of the flipbook
  • Embed YouTube Video to Page - You can add Youtube videos to any page of the flipbook
  • Embed Button to Page - You can add a clickable button to any page of the flipbook
  • Embed Picture to Page - You can insert pictures into any page of the flipbook



I have been using the ePage Creator in many ways. In Brazil where I live I am involved in a project to encourage people to read more. So, I contact some writers and they offer their books and I use the ECreator to help us to develop the books Online. We teach English to people that need to learn English as a second language and the eCreator has been our best tool. With this opportunity to have the iCreateApp the Annual version it will help us to offer the people more alternative to read in Smathphones, Tablets and other devices. The ePage Creator has shown that e.Learning is accessible for everyone, we just need a (ePage) CREATOR.

-Francisco Carlos Peinado (Wording Idiomas Online)

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